Your business environment should promote concentration and inspire creativity. It should be a place where you focus on your work. Shuffling around for lost documents isn’t good for morale or a tight schedule.

Every lost piece of paper costs a business $120 (Wall Street Journal) because of the time it takes to find what you are looking for. The average professional loses 5–6 weeks a year looking for misplaced papers. This can also happen with your electronic files.

Working with peace by piece professional organizing and design will free your desk and mind from clutter. An air of efficiency and increased productivity instills confidence and trust in your clients.

With a collaborative and holistic approach to organizing, peace by piece will work with you to hone your vision and set your productivity goals.


peace by piece will work with you to:

  • Set up filing systems that you can easily access, update and maintain
  • Maximize your storage space for your business archives, supplies and electronics
  • Re-configure your office to save you time and money

Cindy also relates to her business clients in a personal way. “Because I have my own business to run, I know that sometimes things can get out of control. I have to remind myself when I feel overwhelmed to set realistic, manageable and measurable goals. When my client load is heavy, my desk isn’t as organized as I’d like it to be. I sometimes get frustrated just like my clients do. But I always feel better when I get back on track. I know where everything is supposed to go even if I can’t put things back every day. My office is designed to inspire me, energize me and allow me to feel good about my work!”

Increase Productivity

Cindy Levitt is also available for on-site workshops or presentations for you and your co-workers. Cindy offers practical, do-it-yourself organizing tips and strategies in a variety of business settings.


Contact Cindy for a free 30-minute phone consultation, available throughout Chicago, Evanston and the North Shore. Now Offering Virtual Sessions Everywhere.