Your personal space should be a sanctuary from life’s chaos, and offer you peace of mind. You won’t believe how much lighter you’ll feel once we’ve gently pared down your possessions. If you and your family don’t need it, use it or love it, why not let it go?

Using a holistic approach to organizing, Cindy will consider all available options for creating a beautiful yet logical system that all members of the household can understand. She will “coach” you in your role as CEO of your space and help you refine your household management and time management skills.

Order, ritual, good design and functionality create peace in your space.


It’s Never too Early to Learn Good Habits

Having children definitely amplifies the challenges associated with keeping your home organized, beautiful, functional and peaceful. I raised two daughters so I get it!

It can be frustrating when you ask your children to clean up their toys, and they give you a blank stare. But if you haven’t set up a kid-friendly, workable system it’s difficult for them to do. Without a “home” for each item, asking a child to clean up results in frustration for both child and parent.

peace by piece will work with you to create an orderly, safe, fun and chaos-free space for your children to play. This helps to establish good habits, teaches essential organizing skills at an early age, and fosters intellectual growth.

A pxp client stated: “My 7 year old is able to clean up faster
because of the structure you provided. ‘Organized’ has
become one of her favorite words!” – Carol

With a functional organizing system and labeled containers, the entire family will know exactly where everything goes. Fewer arguments at cleanup time means less stress for everyone and more fun for all!


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