Peace by Piece - professional organizing solutions

Freedom from Clutter


Your personal space should be a sanctuary from life’s chaos, not a repository for its artifacts. You won’t believe how much lighter you’ll feel once we’ve gently pared down your possessions. If you and your family don’t need it, use it or love it, why not let it go? Then we’ll create functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for everything from sock drawers, to toy chests, to financial records.


Reach out and feel the space.



Your work environment should promote concentration and inspire creativity. Shuffling around for lost documents isn’t good for morale or a tight schedule. Our clients find it so freeing to know where to put and find everything.


peace by piece organizational solutions will not only free your desk and mind from clutter, they will bolster your image, and possibly your bottom line. An air of efficiency and productivity instills confidence and trust in your clients.


They’ll see only your success.


peace by piece’s founder, Cindy Levitt, is available for on-site workshops and presentations for your organization’s staff. With a background in education and extensive public speaking experience, Cindy captivates her audience while teaching them the principles of her craft.