Meet Cindy



A successful organizer is a talented professional, an enthusiastic coach and a trusted advisor. Cindy Levitt draws on a lifetime of diverse experiences when working with her clients to bring about the best possible results every time.

Education: A solid foundation

Cindy holds a Master of Education from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Washington University. It’s the perfect combination. She’ll help you sort out your organizational issues—without judgment—and present you with new information that will change the way you think and feel about your space.

Perspective: From macro to micro

Extensive work in community organizing, peace and justice, diversity consulting, multicultural training and event planning taught Cindy to accomplish large goals by focusing on small details, one by one. She recognized that creating change on a grand scale requires working more closely with individuals. By improving their quality of life, she’s able to help create positive energy in her own way.

When it comes to organization, there is no project too large to undertake and no detail too small to escape Cindy’s attention.


A 20-year career as a freelance photographer honed Cindy’s eye for composition, perspective, and color. She can rearrange your space and your belongings in her mind before getting to work, to ensure the optimal configuration and minimal effort. You’ll be amazed how the feel of a room can be completely transformed without spending any money.