Overcoming Psychological Barriers


In greater Chicagoland we live such busy, fractured lives, it’s important to create spaces that rejuvenate our energy levels. Having chaos around us is depressing and causes anxiety. Furthermore, disorganized space leads to disorganized time, which costs time and money.


So why don’t we all just clean up our act?

There are many reasons:

  • Emotional triggers and memories;
  • Cultural pressures to accumulate material possessions;
  • Too many distractions and excuses;
  • Lack of accountability; and/or
  • Oftentimes, we have simply never been taught how to set up a system that works.

With a degree in Psychology and a Master of Education, Cindy Levitt has considerable insight into the emotional work involved in getting—and keeping—her clients organized.


Are you ready for peace of mind?