Giving Back



Cindy enjoys sharing her expertise with audiences in private and public venues. While her success is based on her ability to customize and optimize spaces on-site, with clients, she also teaches classes and workshops that can be adapted to any specific need. Call to check on Cindy’s availability for your group or event.


Testimonials from Cindy’s recent class, “Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life”:

“practical suggestions to get me started.”
“interactive, open environment, non-judgmental, good strategies;"
" Cindy was very supportive and encouraging.”
“the tips she gave were practical and reasonable to achieve.”

“the interaction was great but it was over too soon!”

Charitable Contributions

Occasionally Cindy is able to lend her talents to not-for-profit organizations. Helping volunteers carry out their good deeds in a more organized and productive environment is one way Cindy can contribute to many worthwhile causes.

Eco Organizing: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Relax

It is always our objective to dispose of our clients’ excess possessions in the most environmentally and socially responsible fashion. To that end, we recirculate durable goods throughout the community where they’re needed and recycle wherever possible.